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How to Use Our AI Video Editor

Our AI Video Editor is designed to make video editing a breeze. Whether you want to add subtitles to your video or create custom video clips, we've got you covered. Follow our step-by-step guide to unlock the full potential of our tool.

Adding Subtitles to Your Video

1. Start by uploading your video to our AI Video Editor platform. You can simply drag and drop your video file, and it will be ready for editing.

2. Once your video is uploaded, choose the subtitle options that best suit your content. Select the subtitle color, position (top, middle, or bottom), and the number of lines (single or double).

3. Click the "Start" button, and our AI will automatically transcribe the spoken content in your video and generate subtitles for you. The process is incredibly fast and accurate.

Creating Custom Video Clips

1. To create custom video clips, begin by uploading your video to our AI Video Editor as you did for adding subtitles.

2. For the first type of clip creation, our AI will transcribe the video into text. It will then analyze the content to determine messages that match your clip target.

3. The AI will automatically select and cut out the relevant segments based on the text timestamp, creating your custom clips. You can also upload your editing target, choose the expected clip length, and customize subtitle styling.

4. Click "Start," and you'll have your custom clips ready to render in no time.