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How Our AI Video Editor Works

Ever wondered how our AI Video Editor magically enhances your videos, whether you're adding subtitles or creating custom clips? Let's dive into the fascinating technology behind it all.

Transcription and Text Analysis

The first step in the process is the transcription of your video. Our advanced AI technology listens to the spoken content and converts it into text. This transcription forms the foundation for the subsequent editing steps.

Once we have the text, our AI performs intricate text analysis to understand the context and message within your video. It identifies key topics, sentiments, and important moments that are relevant to the editing process.

Subtitle Generation

For users looking to add subtitles, our AI takes the transcribed text and seamlessly generates subtitles with pinpoint accuracy. You can choose the subtitle color, position (top, middle, or bottom), and the number of lines (single or double) to suit your video's style.

Custom Video Clip Creation

If your goal is to create custom video clips, our AI goes a step further. It analyzes the transcribed text, identifying messages that match your clip target. It then decides what content to choose and what to cut out by following the text timestamps.

Alternatively, you can upload your editing target, specify the expected clip length, and even customize subtitle styling. Our AI takes care of the rest, generating precise and tailored video clips for your needs.